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Angelrox Clothing Made in USA

Angelrox clothing line is made in USA Amazing fabric and makes you feel fabulous and put together yet comfortable in every way. Dress it up or dress is down.....just try and you always want to wear it! We will ship your order with 3 day mailing.

Got All Your Marbles

Unique, changeable, imaginative and Made in USA!

Jo Jo Rings

Jo Jo Rings! Made from keys! Paisley's is proud to offer another Made in USA product. Unique and re-birthed into something fun! Brass and silver metal are available. Only $34.00.

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Save yourself some of your hard earned money and have fun while doing it. Paisleys will teach you how to repurpose and reimagine a home decor item. Retailer for Fusion Mineral Paint and products!

Reimagined, repurposed and redefined

Art is imagination. Not to be judged or criticized. Self-discovery, therapy and just plain fun.

Furniture Decor Paint Classes

Our classes are fun and interactive. We want to encourage you and get on the path of accomplishment... Using Fusion Mineral Paint!

Welcome to Paisley's Decor

Have you heard the buzz words,  furniture decor painting.   Paisley's can talk about it all day!  Free demos when you come in or sign up for a class.  Little to no prep work involved. Save yourself money by repurposing an item. Need help with a project or how to achieve your vision, stop by, we have reference materials you can peruse through. Painted furntirue is our forte!  

Paisley's unique merchandise will you help create a personal space just for you. Our reimagined, redefined, and repurposed finds, furnishings, decor items will add uniqueness to your home. Honored to offer Made in USA products.  

 Discounts for Military and first responders.  There's no other place like it in Prescott!

Seek the unique at Paisley's.
Reimagined, Redefined and Repurposed!


Why is my logo and heart and hand?
This is the reason.

Heart in Hand... It is an easily recognizable symbol in the Northeastern United States and used by the Shakers as a pictorial reminder of the words of Mother Ann Lee, the founder of the Shaker sect, who promoted a simple life of hard work and spirituality, "Put your hands to work, and your hearts to God."


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