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Why these 2 pictures?  The one of me doing the dishes is a prime example of my clothing choice as a child and an adult.  Jeans, white shirt and the stylish knee high red socks.  I gave up the socks but I still love red!  I like getting my hands wet,  helping out ( as a kid not always my choice) and having a work ethic. Feeling accomplishment doing even the smallest tasks.The photo of the little boy with his arms high and all dirty from his hard work. This is how I feel when I have accomplished something that seemed unattainable.  Sometimes life can be a struggle and daunting.  When I come across that roadblock, e.g., how to manage my social media, how do I find resources,  can I lift that heavy item up the stairs!  When I succeed after I have had self-doubt, this is how I feel and I sometimes put my arms up just like his! 

It’s been 4 month’s since Paisley’s opened it’s doors.  Where has the time gone?  It has sped by faster than I ever thought it could.   I have never owned my own shop but envisioned that someday I might.  It’s been everything I had hoped for and then some.

Hard work?  You bet!  Rewarding?  Yes, in so many ways. Customers, now friends, resources and words of encouragement.  The other Proprietors on Uptown East Gurley Street Shops,  (Modern Day Forager Mercantile, John Hancock Barbershop, Vintage 107, Goodson’s  Apparel, Pastime Pleasures Antiques/collectables and Dancing Skelton),  who don’t compete but complete the block with words of wisdom, humor, knowledge, insight and support for each other have been a God send.


What have I learned in the last 4 months?  That I can achieve my dreams!  Paisley’s is in constant motion with fresh ideas and new purchases.  Seeking the unique is what I love to do.  Teaching Chalk Painting classes is my passion.  Why?  It can change a person’s perspective in a positive light.  Accomplishment is such a gift.  And you can have it at your finger tips with paints/brushes/waxes and the objects you want to reinvent.  Plus it saves you money, which I am all about!   It is rewarding for me to witness my students/customers take pride and ownership of morphing a piece that they didn’t like so much or imaging one they wanted to change. It’s the coolest part of Paisley’s.


Paisley’s is now carrying lines of decor and accessories, made in the USA.  So honored to be able to take this on.  Angelrox Yoga/Crossover clothing line is another piece of the Paisley’s puzzle.  Me,  finding my way and making Paisley’s my own. Beautiful fabric and colors to layer and shape you, yet with comfort in mind.  I am now out of my comfort zone (Levis 501’s and white V-neck t-shirts).  Transforming your appearance is scary and reward at the same time.  I will be 59 in just a few short months.  I am hanging up my insecurities and having fashion fun! I love how I look in the Angelrox clothin, and how I feel as well…..which is fantastic.  You can always change you clothing, hair and appearance …..just keep your outlook positive and glass half full. 



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