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So many times I have customers come in an say “Oh I am not talented or artistic”…well I’m not either.  I don’t know how to paint a flower, a heart (which always looks weird), a stick person maybe.  The chalk painting process is not about your artistic abilities or lack there of.  It’s about accomplishment.  Transforming an item into something you feel proud of and realizing you can achieve the changes you were looking and hoping for.  

 I too,  get somewhat insecure prior to taking on a project.  Especially if it is a big piece.  This is why I recommend a smaller more manageable item to paint for your first project.  One you can finish in a short amount of time.  Sometimes if you look at the big picture, it can become overwhelming.  For example when Steve (my husband) and I were at the Canyon.  We started hiking down Bright Angel Trail.   Down, down we went.  Breathtaking and a breeze going down hill.  Time flew by and hardly out of breath.  An hour had passed before we knew it.  Time to go back up…..I turned around and looked up.  Really!?  We went that far?  What goes down must go back up!  With Steve behind me providing his everlasting valuable advise about how I should pace myself….really?,  move in front of me please!   One foot in front of the other I went…out of breath and tired.  I decided not to look up at the whole mountain but what was in front of me.  It took us 2.5 hours to make it back up.  Funny how they have the ice cream shop once you get back up to the main path!  



My point?  When you are out looking for a painting project, pick something that is manageable.  That big beautiful detailed hutch would be amazing!  If you can commit the time and have the expertise for something that large, go for it!  Look at the whole picture before you take on a painting project.  There are many tips and techniques that Paisley’s can teach you.  You may feel you made a mistake in your project and become discouraged but remember you can recover from that, it’s always fixable and forgivable 


Starting a project is always exciting.  Picking the item, choosing a color and finishing with the waxes.  Some want to be done right away and some want to take it slow.  Neither is wrong nor right.  It’s how you are wired.  

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