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Lyme vs. Small Business Owner

February 1, 2017, was a day I’ll not soon forget. It was the day Paisley’s opened. Initially, there were two of us who envisioned splitting our time working in Paisley’s, helping to minimize stress and physical labor. Within two weeks, my partner opted out of the business, as she realized retail was not for her. I carried on, solo, learning a great deal about being a small business owner.
Owning a small business is both intensely rewarding and overwhelming, all at the same time. This experience has filled my heart with many blessings. I have great appreciation for my customers and friends who’ve made this dream a reality. I’ve enjoyed getting to know locals and visitors from all parts of life. The connections I have made with people will stay with me for a life time.

I envisioned Paisley’s as a place to showcase the artistic abilities we all have as we repurpose, reimagine and bring new life to items that were previously lost, then found. I love to hunt for treasures and dig around to find something that someone else would also love and find useful. I had thought I would do more teaching of furniture painting, but found most people would rather have me paint for them. I plan on continuing to paint and create.

I greatly love and appreciate our country. I pledged to support Made in USA and refused to stock those items mass produced off shore. I sell items made by local artists, as well as those made by other artisans in the other 49 states. I shared my love of jewelry, clothing, soaps and candles with those who frequented Paisley’s. I appreciate each and every one of you who have spent time with me here. I love Prescott and Arizona, and feel I’ve been an ambassador for our friendly community.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way on this amazing journey. Many have stood with me and placed your hands together to give me a push up and over the hurdles I’ve encountered. To all of my co-shop owners on Uptown East Gurley Street, I greatly appreciate each and every one of you. I respect you and am honored to call you my friends.

I will still be offering Angelrox clothing and Got All your Marbles custom jewelry. No discount for Fusion Mineral Paint or Got All Your Marbles. You can still place an order for Fusion Mineral Paint, Angelrox and Got All Your Marbles. 
(All orders require pre-payment.)


Please read further for a more detailed explanation.

Lyme: What, When, and Why

This has not been an easy decision, but it is one that must be made. I have never been bashful or quiet when talking about my Lyme disease. You might ask why I openly discuss it. I want to educate, bring awareness, and ensure others don’t think of Lyme as a dirty word. It is an epidemic, largely undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. I remember a time when “cancer” was not openly discussed. Most people listen politely when I rattle on about this devastating disease that runs the gamut from mildly ill one day to not being able to get out of bed, out the door, and unable to open your business the next. I understand the eyes mildly glazed over as I share my story, but I want to increase awareness so others are able to grasp the magnitude of this out of control disease. I have met countless other Lyme sufferers. We connect in the full knowledge of our experience of living with Lyme - and the possibility of an experiencing agonizing death from its wrath. When I see the glazed over look in their eyes, I realize it’s too much information to absorb and I’m probably sounding like “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…” I get it.

Even those closest to me can’t quite grasp the full effect of what I’m feeling. Trying to put the disease process in perspective is daunting and difficult. Since I’m not a medical professional, merely a statistic, it is hard to explain how Lyme can do what it does. At times, even I can’t fathom the devastation a single tick bite can do. It can make you violently ill, and in many cases, kill you. It can be a slow death, or progress very rapidly.

I contracted Lyme and the co-infections through a blood transfusion in 1985, when I was critically injured in a car accident north of Reno, Nevada, on October 4th of that year. I spent three months in the hospital and received numerous life-saving blood transfusions. Blood banks didn’t test donations for Lyme back then. They don’t now. Even if they did, the test is over 40 years old and has not kept pace with the latest research and diagnostics. Please, if you’ve ever been bitten by a tick, DO NOT DONATE BLOOD. Even if you’re asymptomatic, it’s not worth the risk of Lyme transmission to others.

I was not diagnosed with Lyme until 2013, when I saw a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). I began treatment and became very ill due to the fact that the Lyme germ (Spirochetes) is a strong warrior for self-preservation and puts up a hell of a fight while it is being killed off.

It is because of my daily struggle with Lyme that I have made the tough decision to close Paisley’s. I have had the support of those I love, respect and admire as I’ve made this difficult decision. I will be undergoing treatment in the future that in all likelihood will make me very ill and weak. My focus will need to be towards my health. As much as I love Paisley’s and all of you, this is what is best for me.

I recently traveled to Sacramento to confer with my Lyme doctor where I underwent more extensive testing. My results were not the best. I currently have an active Babesia (aka malaria) infection in my blood. (Please visit https://www.lymedisease.org/lyme-bas…/co-infections/babesia/ to learn more.)

An excellent resource on how Lyme is contracted and makes you ill is presented in a short video by Dr. Steve Phillips:

I would also encourage anyone reading this to watch “Under Our Skin” on Amazon Prime. Here is the trailer:

Just recently, PGA champion Jimmy Walker was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Kris Kristofferson, Shania Twain and Ally Hilfiger are some of the more famous faces of Lyme. These are just some the famous faces of Lyme. Thousands of everyday people are infected each year.

I have now connected with a caring and knowledgeable LLMD here in Prescott who has studies autoimmune infectious diseases with some the best doctors in the world. We are currently making a treatment plan but one aspect of it can’t begin until I am strong enough to withstand the insidious germ die off. Yes, that’s right. I have to be well enough to be violently ill. (Sounds a bit like chemotherapy, doesn’t it?) Treatment is still several months down the road.

Once again, I appreciate you all. I hope you continue to support Prescott’s local artisans and Made in America merchants. Special thanks to the merchants on Uptown East Gurley Street, Modern day Forager Mercantile, John Hancock Barbershop, Patina’s, Vintage 107, Goodson’s Apparel, Pastime Pleasures, Dancing Skelton and LeFebvre’s Boutique. I would also like to mention my landlord, The Elks Theatre. They have been very kind to me in everyway! 


My husband Steve has been my rock from day one of opening Paisley’s. He has taken on a great deal in allowing me to follow my dream. Supporting me, holding me up, encouraging me and loving me. And yes, putting up with me!
As I always like to say, “One foot in front of the other”.

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Latest Post: The Whole Picture


So many times I have customers come in an say “Oh I am not talented or artistic”…well I’m not either.  I don’t know how to paint a flower, a heart (which always looks weird), a stick person maybe.  The chalk painting process is not about your artistic abilities or lack there of.  It’s about accomplishment.  Transforming an item into something you feel proud of and realizing you can achieve the changes you were looking and hoping for.  

 I too,  get somewhat insecure prior to taking on a project.  Especially if it is a big piece.  This is why I recommend a smaller more manageable item to paint for your first project.  One you can finish in a short amount of time.  Sometimes if you look at the big picture, it can become overwhelming.  For example when Steve (my husband) and I were at the Canyon.  We started hiking down Bright Angel Trail.   Down, down we went.  Breathtaking and a breeze going down hill.  Time flew by and hardly out of breath.  An hour had passed before we knew it.  Time to go back up…..I turned around and looked up.  Really!?  We went that far?  What goes down must go back up!  With Steve behind me providing his everlasting valuable advise about how I should pace myself….really?,  move in front of me please!   One foot in front of the other I went…out of breath and tired.  I decided not to look up at the whole mountain but what was in front of me.  It took us 2.5 hours to make it back up.  Funny how they have the ice cream shop once you get back up to the main path!  



My point?  When you are out looking for a painting project, pick something that is manageable.  That big beautiful detailed hutch would be amazing!  If you can commit the time and have the expertise for something that large, go for it!  Look at the whole picture before you take on a painting project.  There are many tips and techniques that Paisley’s can teach you.  You may feel you made a mistake in your project and become discouraged but remember you can recover from that, it’s always fixable and forgivable 


Starting a project is always exciting.  Picking the item, choosing a color and finishing with the waxes.  Some want to be done right away and some want to take it slow.  Neither is wrong nor right.  It’s how you are wired.  

Now lets paint outside the lines!


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